Terracycle and the Elmwood Park Zoo have teamed up with Dr. Fromer’s Office!

Terracycle Elmwood Zoo

Help us collect waste and raise funds for the Zoo!


One of our employees, Maria Trampe’ is a Board member, education volunteer, and The Docent Council President at the Elmwood Zoo and heads up the collection of many items you are simply throwing away that can be upcycled by Terracycle into great new products!

Here’s what we are collecting:

Ink cartridges

Cell phones & electronics

Stackable yogurt containers (any brand)

Empty toothpaste tubes, toothbrushes (any brand) — no boxes

Chips, pretzels, tortilla chip bags (any brand)

Candy wrappers and bags (even mini)

Energy bar wrappers

Cookie wrappers, bags AND plastic inserts (even 100 calorie bags) — no boxes

All Personal care packaging (shampoo, shaving cream, hairspray, conditioner, soap, gels, lotions)

All Brand Tortilla or wrap packaging

All Brand Cheese packaging

All Kashi packaging

Computer Keyboards & mouse

Empty tape dispensers or round plastic centers from tape on dispensers

All brands of plastic wrapping for paper products (papertowels, toilet tissue)

Any empty bagged cereal

Huggies plastic diaper packaging or wipes packaging

To participate simply save your empty items and drop them of at our office, or email Maria at and she will arrange to pick it up. (This will be an ongoing cause, so there is no deadline to drop off your items.)

Help reduce the trash in landfills AND raise money for a worthy cause.

It’s simple and free!

All of these items will be turned into new products such as pavers, lunch bags, backpacks, and benches.

The Elmwood Park Zoo is located in Norristown and houses many animals from rehabilitation centers and rescues.

“The Elmwood Park Zoo: The only thing missing is you!”